Russell Hicks

Top Six Comics to Watch | Talk Magazine Los Angeles
In the US, Russell has already appeared on several shows including Direct TV’s What’s News? and in the UK presents Yahoo’s online content Beat The Street and Room of Doom.
Branded partnerships and commercial work already include Google, PayPal, Zipcar and a nationwide US voiceover partnership with Taco Bueno.

Anarchic, unbridled and unfiltered. Russell Hicks is a risk-taking comic whirlwind, captivating audiences everywhere with his razor-sharp wit, astounding observations and slick audience take-downs.

From the moment he steps on stage crowds are hooked by his infectiously rebellious personality and unapologetic style as he delivers entirely original comedy content right there in front of your eyes.

He also hosts cult podcast Off The Grid which invites comedians to talk about what their life would be like without social media.

Such is his unique skill, Russell has already created bespoke content with Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo. Branded partnerships and commercial work already include Google, PayPal and Zipcar. He’s also established himself as a major player on the comedy circuit, regularly hosting and headlining at clubs including Hot Water Comedy Club, Top Secret Comedy Club, The Stand, Glee Clubs and Up The Creek.

Indisputably talented, there’s no comic quite like Russell Hicks.