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Lola Jagun

Content Creator, Writer and Actor, Lola Jagun is a self-taught virtuoso in the online comedy arena. What started as a bit of fun, filming and editing sketches at home, exploded in 2018 gaining Lola followers by their thousands, firmly placing her multiple character sketches at the forefront of online comedy creation. 

Off the back of her Instagram success, Lola has written and performed in various BBC Three Quickies, one of which has received well over 5 million views on Facebook. She has also featured in several smash hit independent projects including Michael Dappah’s SWIL online series and has expanded into hugely successful branded content for the BFI, Vapianos Restaurants, XOPApp, Afrobiz and Kulture Games. Lola also works alongside the Mental Health Foundation in raising awareness of the charity through online content.

As well as acting in her own online sketches, Lola has also performed at the Pleasance Theatre and is a highly sought after personality and host in and around London. Her vibrant personality paired with her creative instincts and drive to succeed make her an unstoppable.